Dr Scott Robinson

The Highest Standards

In 2016, Dr Scott Robinson graduated with a Ph.D from the University of Birmingham’s world-leading Exercise Metabolism Research Group.

Throughout his eight years in Academia, he headed up Performance Nutrition Services at multiple Premier League Football Clubs, and was also involved in a high capacity in many other elite team sports.

Scott’s consultancy arrangement was typically 1-2 days of support per week with each team. This made it difficult for Scott to apply his level of expertise and knowledge on an individual and bespoke basis, which is crucial in teasing out the margins of performance that place athletes at the forefront of their sport.

The demand from athletes for an individually-tailored service was high, so in 2018 Scott set-up his own private consultancy where he now lives out his passion working alongside some of the world’s finest sport stars; offering a highly bespoke level of support that enables client’s to maximise their full potential and, importantly, gain every possible competitive advantage.

“A game of inches”

Also apparent to Scott during his early career was the lack of advanced physiological testing support made available to the elite. This is despite it being a critical component in understanding each athlete's unique metabolism and physiology, which directly and significantly impacts the performance strategy. 

Qualifications & Affiliations

Dr Scott Robinson  |  PhD, MSc, SENr

  • Registered sport and exercise nutritionist on the UK Sport  and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENr High Performance)
  • Doctorate in Exercise Metabolism and Nutrition
  • Masters Degree in Sports Physiology and Nutrition
  • Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine
  • Professional member of the American College of Sports Medicine
  • UK Anti-Doping Advisor
  • Associate Member of the British Dietetics Association  (BDA) and their sports nutrition specialist group
  • International Society of Advancement of  Kinanthropometry (ISAK) accredited

With this at the forefront of his mind, in 2019, Scott founded the UK’s first Human Performance Lab spearheaded by a SENr Registered Doctor of Metabolism and Nutrition.

Scott continues to invest heavily in this exclusive space; ensuring that all available tests have a sound scientific underpinning, and that only the very latest state-of-the-art equipment and methods are used by him and his team.

This unique hybrid of advanced physiological testing and bespoke nutrition support is unrivalled in the industry.

Over the past three years, Scott has had the pleasure of transferring his knowledge and experiences of working in elite sport to other high performing personnel, with who he applies many of the same methods and principles to maximise their own unique take on ‘performance’. Such clients include royalty, entrepreneurs, billionaires, film-stars and corporate high flyers.

Scott consistently sets higher standard for himself. His thirst for knowledge and innovation is how he remains ahead of the curve in his field. He is a Member of leading specialist groups, such as the Royal Society of Medicine, The British Dietetics Association and the American College of Sports Medicine, which enables him to continuously grasp new knowledge and ideas before they come to fruition in mainstream practice.

This collection of expertise, knowledge and experience transcends into the support he offers each client; providing them with the tools to remain at the pinnacle of their own game.